Becks - Video Production
The Artist & Their Canvas

Over the 25 year history of Beck’s Art Labels program, more than 70 independent art labels have been created on more than 500 million bottles. Notable participants have included Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Yoko Ono. It’s become one of the largest stages for artists in the world.

To capture the essence of this process, our talented team of directors immersed themselves in the lives and work of the artists who collaborated in Beck’s limited edition Art Label project.

A rare peek behind the curtain, the films dig deep, taking viewers along the artist’s journeys of how they became cultural icons as they get a chance to tell their story through their art, while detailing the authenticity of their craft along the way.

“One reason so many artists are drawn to the program is its sheer scale, we’ve opened up the largest stage for artists in the world.”
In 2013, Beck’s Art Labels designs are replicated on 13.2 million bottles in total. The label on a 12-oz bottle of Beck’s, multiplied by 13.2 million, creates an immense artistic canvas, some 5.16 million square feet in total.
It equates to nearly 95 acres of canvas, spanning more than 70 football fields. Along with and for Becks we produced a series of videos that capture the essence of each Art Labels artist and their creativity: