China Eastern Airlines

Over the last 3 years, Golden Arm has partnered with China Eastern Airlines through the Boeing Airline Marketing team to increase CEA’s profile among business travelers.

At the outset, CEA faced low brand awareness and poor consumer perceptions. The introduction of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft presented the airline with an opportunity to invigorate the brand, improve service, and elevate their reputation.

Golden Arm created a strategy and a series of multichannel executions to spread the word in the right way to the right audience.

The agency conceived and produced PR activations, social campaigns, launch events, anniversary celebrations, and a signature profile video series. These content-rich activations included live dance and music performances, augmented reality, VR content, regional cuisine sampling, bespoke cocktails, contests, giveaways, and more. It created an immersive cultural experience that took a carefully selected business travel audience inside the brand’s new offerings.

GA’s strategy bore fruit, spreading awareness, shifting perceptions and creating a new image for the brand among it’s target audience. During this time, CEA’s business class sales have increased 50% and market share has increased 5%.